Julie Mahan's Oreo Pie

This is my sister's, Julie Mahan, favorite pie for the holidays.  She just sent this recipe to me so I could post it for everyone to enjoy.

Oreo Pie Ingredients

10  Oreo's
1/2 gallon of Vanilla ice cream
1 8 oz bowl of cool whip
2- Oreo or Graham cracker pie crusts (see below)

  1. Thaw the cool whip and allow the ice ice cream to soften slightly.  Place the Oreo Cookies in a food processor and pulse until they are crushed. 
  2. Mix 2/3 of the ice cream with the cool whip and the crushed Oreo's and blend together thoroughly by hand.  
  3. Pour in the pie shells.  Place the pies in the freezer for at least 2 hours.
You should have 1/3 of the ice cream left over for your enjoyment at another time.  If it is at my house, the left over ice cream would not last long I must say.

Julie's husband, Don loves to put Chocolate Magic Shell on top of his pie, but Julie insists that the Oreo Pie is just superb by itself.  YUMO!!!

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