My Hot Salmon Fish Soup

This is a very simple and nutritious soup.  I never ever had eaten salmon until a few months ago when I had a stroke.  I was looking for some simple ways to cook and that has lots of nutrition and so I chose a huge slab of salmon from Norway.  It was large and so I cut it in half.  It had the skin attached too and was not sure how to remove the skin and so I put the half slab of salmon in a crock pot.

There I added in a sweet potato, onion, some chopped tomatoes and lots of spices.  I added in salt, pepper, black cumin powder and some lemon pepper.  It was a wonderful soup and cooked on its own.  

After the fish was half way cooked, I would cut if in large chunks and lift it up with a spatula and with a sharp knife remove the skin.  I fed the skin to my cats.  I put the fish back in the crockpot to finish cooking. Towards the end I added in some chopped parsley.  

But there is an easier way to make this soup

The second time I made the soup was to add in the fish, 1 bag of frozen chopped very small veggies, 1 onion, 1 large chopped tomato, 2 bouillon cubes and some seasoning of choice.  I have to say I liked the simplicity of the second method and it was extremely delicious.

With the second bowl, I tried adding a side of whole wheat toast and it is so unneeded.  I found the soup filling enough and the need for the side of bread not wanted.

This soup fed many times to me and multiple times to the cats.  It makes a huge pot of soup for many days.