French Women Don't Get Fat - Explained Fully

Mireille Guiliano Reveals the Secret of Eating For Pleasure

Mireille Guiliano gives advice on how to eat, be happy and not get fat. The secret to her eating success is eating for pleasure, not guilt. A must read for everyone.

Author and CEO Mireille Guiliano's 2005 best-seller, French Women Don't Get Fat (Vingage Books of London) is full of wonderful, healthy recipes from blueberry smoothies to pumpkin pie.

Mireille entices her readers with such foods as pizza with ratatouille toppings and salads of duck a' la' orange. Mireille will make all her readers think of food in ways no other author has in the past, but she does it with a flair. Not only does she teach portion control, but she shows how to enjoy what is being eaten. Her goal is to teach how the French think, live and what they love the most.


Mireille Guiliano's Advice for Staying Thin

  1. Look at the offenders and get rid of them completely or eliminate them slowly.
  2. Shop often at the grocery store, avoiding the need for stock-piling.
  3. Eat at regular times.
  4. Portion controls imperative.
  5. Diversify meals and foods.
  6. Try new recipes, so you don't get bored.
  7. Make all the meals homemade, avoiding eating out so much.
  8. Have a real breakfast.
  9. Eat slowly
Mireille includes more advice, like drinking fresh sparkling water and exercising. Her plan for staying thin and being happy is inspiring and this book will make all her readers smile at her concepts of dieting.


Chocolate Lovers Rejoice

Is there anything wrong with eating chocolate? Can a woman eat chocolate and still remain thin? According to Mireille, "A recent survey reveals that 9 out of 10 people loving chocolate ..... and the tenth one is lying." French women love chocolate and they average around five kilos a year.
Mireille states that trying to ignore that these wonderful pleasures don't exist will probably lead to weight gain. She feels that both bread and chocolate are good for you. French women eat then and yet they don't get fat. In other words as she states, "maximize the rewards but minimize the cost." (portion control).


Water - Why is the Cooler Full in America

Mireille compared French water coolers to American water coolers and it was funny to hear how Americans prefer coffee and cola to a small glass of water. This simple fact helps you understand the mentality of French women. Mireille drinks a glass of water when she wakes up and before she sleeps - and another one 30 minutes before she eats.

In her French office, the water cooler is changed almost daily. In America the water company is sad - the same bottle of water is still on the water cooler after one whole week. Americans will run to get giant colas and many pots of coffee, but rarely think of drinking clear sparking water.

Mireille suggests that one reason women avoid drinking water is due to the fact that the water is too cool and hurts the stomach and the digestion. For this reason she never drinks water with her meals. She does not drink cold water either.

Oh, the dream of a French Restaurant and being able to taste over one hundred different types of water. That is exactly what happens at a restaurant called Colette, where between 80-100 waters from all over the world are available for tasting. France is second only to Italy in being sparkling water drinkers.


About Mireille Guiliano

Mireille Guiliano is French - from Alsace-Lorraine and Provence. She lives in New York with her husband most of the year, but does travel to Paris, France. She is the President and CEO of Cicquor, Inc. and she is the Director of Champagne Veuve Cicquot in Reims. You can find out more information about Miereille at her website: Mireille Guiliano.

In addition to French Women Don't Get Fat, Guiliano has also written:
  1. French Women for All Seasons:
  2. French Women for all Seasons Engagement Calendar for 2010
  3. Women, Work and Art the of Savoir Faire


Final Thoughts on Eating for Pleasure

Mireille has taught her readers to love their chocolate and their wines and she has taught them to be happy and enjoy some of the most wonderful recipes she has lovingly added to this book. She has let them see how French women think, eat and live also. Don't think of this book as a diet, but as a way of life.

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