Jamie's Crazy Easy Fresh Coconut Cake

According to Jamie Harrington, United Carolina Mortgage Group Regional Manager, "It's so crazy easy, but no one in my family knows!  I use a white cake mix (the secret) and bake as directed.  The icing is the key.  I buy fresh coconuts only, none of the frozen or packaged stuff and crack them open, peel them and grind in an old meat grinder.  (secret method)

The meat grinder makes the coconut real mushy, but still preserves some of the shape and juice.  I soak my cake layers with the coconut juice that I drain from the whole coconut.

Then the icing is like this - Take a bowl of whipped cream, cup of sour cream, about 2/3 box of confectioners sugar, some vanilla flavoring all mixed together.  then I add in the fresh ground coconut.

I load the cake down with this icing, just huge gobs of it. It's so good, I could skip the cake and just eat the icing.  I like to do 3 layers so I can load it up with more icing."

Note: Being the cake layers are soaked in coconut water, adding more layers is more difficult.  Some may find that a sheet cake is the best and easiest to handle.

I just love this recipe and it is a keeper for sure.