How to Make Easy Snow Ice Cream

I was raised in the state of Kentucky and there in the winter is snows sometimes six feet deep.  It is very cold and it is very fun.  Snow ice cream is a tradition there.  My mom taught me early on how to make snow ice cream as it is a very simple family tradition.

Kentucky is not like most of the states. It is a very laid back state with simple country folks.  We enjoy catfish and fries and we love the snow.  My dad bought me a red sled when I was very small.  To me it was this huge sled, but later on in years as I looked at it again I could see that it was not huge at all.

So the beginning of the snow fall would come and mom would run to get the fresh snow before it had hardened and before yes my dog Muffy went to the bathroom all over it also.  Dad would take me and sisters for a ride on my bright red sled while mom was busy preparing our winter snack.  This is what she did:

How to make snow ice cream the simple method:

1.  When it first snows before it sets or freezes up, go get a huge bowl.  In this bowl place six to eight cups of fresh snow.
2.  Add in 1 cup of regular sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla.
3.  Mix this well so the sugar starts to melt.  Add in enough milk to make the ice cream the right consistency.

Divide the ice cream in bowls and serve. I guess there are some exotic ways to make snow ice cream, but this is the way my mom made it and she of course was very smart and knew the best way.  I wonder if Kentucky ice cream taste better than Canada snow ice cream?

Besides snow ice cream we love to have a big cup of fresh cocoa.  This cocoa is much better with marshmallows and a 1/4 teaspoon of instant coffee.  Actually this is a good headache remedy also.  I mean the cocoa and the coffee not the ice cream.  I am older now and miss Kentucky so much.

My dad has passed away and so is my sister and my poor sled died too.  What never died was those wonderful memories of snow ice cream with my family.  As we sat around the fire drinking hot chocolate and eating snow ice cream we oh so laughed.  Why guys isn't it time to make a big bowl tonight?